MULTICOLOUR GALAXY Pattern Medical Tourniquet
MULTICOLOUR GALAXY Pattern Medical Tourniquet

MULTICOLOUR GALAXY Pattern Medical Tourniquet

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Introducing the Rolseley Tourniquet, the medical tool that all emergency service workers should have by their side.

Available in fun and funky colours, this easy to use accessory is a must have addition on your rounds as a doctor, nurse, medical student or paramedic.

CE Certified
This Rolseley Medical Multicoloured Tourniquet is a reliable, CE certified tourniquet that all doctors and nurses should have at their disposal. The length and width is 45cm +-1cm, and the width of the band measuring 2.4cm +- 1mm. It's durable, sturdy, and easy to use.

High-Quality Materials
Using flexible elastic polyester for the band and completely free from latex, it's safe to use on skin, as well as soft to the touch. The Rolseley Tourniquet features ABS plastic to make the buckle and the catch, so you can always rely upon this tool when you need it most.

Easy to Use
Using this tourniquet is quick and simple. The plastic catch and the buckle allow for a slow or quick release depending on the need of the situation, and the buckle can be pressed to release at a touch of your finger. The entire tool can be used one-handed, making it convenient and easy to use.

Show Off Your Colours
This Medical Tourniquet brought to you by Rolseley is available in a variety of different, fun patterns, to show off your unique personality. It's great to add some excitement and colour on your rounds or to add something new to those long night-shifts. Give your patients something to remember you by, and show off your fun side to your colleagues at work.

Perfect for doctors, nurses, students and paramedics, the Medical Tourniquet by Rolseley is available in a variety of colours and all stocked in the UK. It's a must-have tool on your next shift to show off your fun side.

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