ROLSELEY logo and a medical tourniquet

We're ​the UK's specialists in Medical Tourniquets

Rolseley Ltd. is based in Brighton, UK. Since 2013 we have been specialising in medical tourniquets for blood sampling and IV injections. We believe that you should have the same choices when it comes to tourniquets as you have with everything else you’re using or wearing. If you’re working as a nurse, wouldn’t it be great to use a fun and different tourniquet that makes your patients smile and serve as a conversation starter before taking a blood sample? 

We aim to offer premium quality products in a few different price ranges. But whether you opt for our affordable options or the ones at really competitive prices, we do not sacrifice the quality of our products.

Some of our tourniquets are made for us in China, and some are made in-house, here in Brighton & Hove, UK. We are proud to offer the possibility to make you personalised tourniquet with the pattern/photo you like. Fan of Star wars or Marvel - no problem we will make tourniquet, just send us a picture. Our custom made tourniquets are latex free top quality products that each pass quality control inspection.